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"We who love the Aspen revel in their sprintime greens quaking and flashing in the sun. When autumn arrives we celebrate their fleeting golden light show."

- Carrie MaKenna


Acrylic on Canvas, 20x16x2


This series of atmospheric conditions paintings are created on gallery wrapped canvas using a thick acrylic paste to create the base texture. While I work I find myself in a meditative state and allow the texture to reveal the countours of the artwork. They are a joy to make. I hope you enjoy them too.


- The image continues around each edge. Artwork is self-framing with 2-inch gallery wrapped canvas with hanging wire attached. It hangs flat against the wall. This is a hand-made piece of original artwork, details and color may vary slightly.

- To order prints on paper, canvas, metal and other materials please CLICK HERE .

- You can use a credit/debit card or your Paypal account to purchase this item. Free Shipping and Handling within the Continental US includes insurance.

- Purchases outside the Continental US require additional shipping and handling. Please contact us for a quote.

MAC Autumn Hillside Gold

  • 20H x 16W x 2D

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