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About Carrie MaKenna Studio & Gallery


  I make artwork to remind people of their interconnection with each other, nature and the universe, while creating a respite from the challenges and stresses of life. It’s especially rewarding when people tell me they experienced or learned something from viewing my artwork.

     My artwork has evolved over three decades to include rich textures and a delicious color palette of sixteen liquid acrylics that allows me to explore abstracts, landscapes and portraits alike.

      I typically begin by creating texture on the canvas using a thick lightweight acrylic paste that allows me to build up the surface, and sculpt and sand it before adding paint. I use a variety of elements such as dried paint and found objects to create additional texture. I like to work quickly and get a lot of paint on the canvas at once, using an array of implements, brushes and my hands to move it around.

     The overarching intention for my artwork is to create a respite from the challenges and stresses of modern life by reminding viewers of their interconnection with the natural world, cycles of time, and with each other, through memories, thoughts, feelings and hopes and dreams.

     I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and a Master’s in Art Therapy and Counseling Psychology, as well as a lifelong interest in and exploration of worldwide, universal spiritual studies and a meditative practice that guides and informs my art making. My artwork is in collections in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Austria and the UK.

     I work from my studio in Denver CO where I share a creative life with my husband Craig Rouse and
our Studio Dog Riley.

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